What We Do

Connecting people and initiatives for a healthier health system

What activities and services should we engage in, in order to fulfill our Purpose and the strategic objectives driven by it?

To pursue our Purpose to be a platform optimized for the health commons to grow from its current seed from into a core paradigm of our health system, by enabling existing community-centred health initiatives to connect and collaborate, we will:

  1. Host and facilitate a learning community that connects theory with practice, opens a new space for cross-project conversations, thinks together to create greater impact for change than any one of the groups could alone. It will be supported by tools for policy makers, and as our work evolves, by a think tank function.
  2. Create a clearing house, including a pattern library of health movement practices worth replicating – practices at the edge that encourage new thinking and innovative actions. Practices that show that a different way of delivering healthcare is not just possible but more engaging and sustainable. We will also collect and organise ideas about new sets of sustainability metrics for a healthier health system. The clearing house will have a community knowledge garden that will serve as a platform for engagement, thus everyone who has something valuable to contribute can do so.
  3. Provide educational and advisory services, including workshops, seminars, and training to community leaders, health activists, and health professionals, on how to develop commons-friendly practices in the health sector.
  4. Build and operate an ICT infrastructure to support all of the above and become a platform for the disjoint, people-centred health initiatives to connect and become an impactful social force. “Change seekers and change makers need a commons platform for creating all the new interconnections or for ‘revealing’ those inherent interconnections which have already been created. We need a common platform which makes it possible to bust barriers which stand in the way of lasting system change.” (Gordon Feller)

The role of emergent platforms in enabling high level of collaboration across boundaries is described here. Our idea of such a platform is that it should be rich in possibilities for self-organisation by its individual and collective users with complementary visions, strategies, and resources.