What is the emergent future that we feel passionate about working for?

If lived up to our fullest potential, what change could become possible in the world?

We envision a world, where the full development of each individual, including having a healthy life, is recognized as universal human right, and all institutions of society are designed for supporting it.

In that world, democratic and resilient communities organise themselves and connect with each other in the process of co-producing and co-governing the resources essential to their members’ well-being.

Those communities at the workplace and the neighborhood are “at the heart of a bottom-up reorganization of society… providing human-centered innovations that contribute to sustainability—and a new civic society.” Sustainability Outlook 2020, by Institute for the Future
In that world, communities reclaim stewardship for good health and reduce the exclusive dependence on the dominant, expensive system of medical care.
Moving healthcare out into the community will be challenging and need social organizing, facilitation and confidence building since people have been conditioned to think and act as individual isolated consumers rather than producers and stewards of health. Experts and health professionals will empower people’s health decisions rather than control them.

Such a society is not only possible but within the horizon. The Health Commons Hub is working for ushering it in.