The Ecology of Health

This video connects social determinants and environmental health to individual health.

See how our health is affected from the cellular level to the cosmos in this graphic animated illustration by ABIHM Executive Director Nancy Sudak, MD and Institute for a Sustainable Future Executive Director, Jamie Harvie. This video connects social determinants and environmental health to individual health. 

Nancy Sudak is a board certified family physician and a founding diplomate of the ABIHM. She is the current Executive Director of the ABIHM, and recently left her unique holistic primary care practice in a community health center to support the growth of the ABIHM. She is on the textbook faculty of Functional Medicine (2nd Ed), Integrative Medicine (3ed Ed), and Textbook of Natural Medicine (4th Ed). She leads a wholesome and happy existence in Duluth, MN, with her husband and they have two grown children.

Jamie Harvie, P. E. is the Executive Director of the Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF), Duluth, MN and is a nationally recognized prevention leader. Jamie led the successful national efforts to phase-out of mercury in healthcare and co-founded the Healthy Food in Healthcare Initiative. He served on the steering committee for the Green Guide for Healthcare, the healthcare sector's only quantifiable sustainable design and operations metrics. Jamie was recognized by the NRDC as a "National Thought Leader" for his work on healthcare and sustainable food systems and an invited expert panel on policy and environmental approaches to improve food, physical activity, breastfeeding and tobacco environments in hospitals by Centers for Disease Control. Mr. Harvie consults on pollution prevention for clients including the City of San Francisco, World Health Organization and the Chinese Environmental Protection Agency. He is the author on numerous health and prevention journal articles and is a contributor to the textbook, Integrative Medicine (3rd Ed.